Doors.NET v5.2.0 is here and packed with plenty of new features that enhance the installation speed and flexibility of the solutions you can offer, with a vast array of changes to extended product support, seamless installation, and increased functionality.

The latest software versions are always recommended to our customers as soon as they become available, as they may include critical security patches and fixes for your access control solution, which serves as your first line of defense, as well as enhanced functionality.

How has Doors.NET improved?

Prompt To Change Admin PasswordPrompt to change the default admin password (for a new system or when the password has not been changed for a specific number of days). The default duration is 90 days. You will be prompted when logging into a new system or when the specified number of days has passed since the last admin password change.

Doors.NET 5.2.0 Prompt To Change Admin Password






Hardware Setup Changes for Wireless Locks – There is a slight change in setting up network hubs for certain wireless locks (for example, Simons Voss Gateways or Aperio AH-40 network hubs). 

Doors.NET 5.2.0









Setup Changes for Mercury Hardware Downstream hardware is under each TB node instead of directly off the controller. This is now consistent with how the hardware is displayed for NXT and NXT-MSC in the previous Doors.NET version (v5.1).

Doors.NET 5.2.0








Setup Changes for NXT-MSC Controllers In v5.2 you can have multiple devices per bus up to a maximum of 8. AD-300 locks previously required a dedicated bus but now they can be on the same bus as a PIM or ENGAGE gateway.

NXT MSC Bus Devices 1









Expanded Support for Allegion Locksets – Doors.NET v5.2.0 has added wireless lock support to Mercury Security EP and LP. Doors.NET v5.1.0 only provided wireless lock integration when using the NXT-MSC controller type.

Mercury Allegion Support







Expanded Support for SimonsVoss Locksets SimonsVoss locks are now supported with ‘Real Mercury’ hardware (EP and LP controller types) as well as the standard integration using NXT-MSC controllers. SimonsVoss controllers in 5.1 required removing all devices from a bus and adding the 1 SV gateway node.

Mercury SV Support








Expanded Support for the Aperio Lock sets and the AH40 hub Added support for AH30 hubs when using EP and LP controller types and support for the AH-40 hub when using Mercury’s LP controller types.

Mercury Aperio Support









Expanded Support for OSDP readers Added expanded support for OSDP Exit readers when using Mercury’s EP or LP controller types.








Added Alternate Reader for Elevator Control Added support for an NXT Exit reader when setting up and using Elevator Control with NXT-MSC controllers. Presenting a credential at either reader (original cab reader or the Exit reader) will be processed as if the card presentation was at the original cab reader.

Elevator Readers 1







Doors.NET has recently announced a number of improvements to the platform, making it easier and more reliable for users. One of the most significant changes optimizes the retrieval of card data for systems with exceptionally large cardholder databases (of more than 10,000 cardholders).

We’ve also implemented a value check when enrolling an Entraguard user to ensure that both the Entraguard ID and Directory Code numbers are independently unique. This means that there should be no duplication or overlap between either of these numbers. This measure helps to ensure the accuracy of our records and simplifies user identification processes.

Why update?

  • Admin password prompt update, a popular feature request.
  • Improved installation and management of wireless locking for all partners.
  • Improved setup for Mercury security controllers
  • Expanded support for Allegion wireless locks
  • Extended support for OSDP Readers when using Mercury EP and LP Controllers
  • Alternate Reader support for Elevator Control
  • System improvements to the retrieval of cardholders on large systems

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