Monthly Borealis Release: December Update


1.0 Detailed Door Status Information

Borealis now provides detailed door status information for all controller types, which is updated in real-time. The reader’s screen in the user interface will immediately display if a door is forced or held open, opened or closed as well as the current operating mode of the reader (Card-Only, Card + PIN, Lockout or Lockdown), for example.

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2.0 Enhanced Hub Password Protection

All Borealis hubs are now automatically assigned a strong, unique operating system password to minimize the risk of a ransomware attack – or someone gaining unauthorized access to the hub.


3.0 Enhanced Notifications

Borealis will now post important notifications directly to the admin client so that system users will be kept informed about important information, such as: downtime due to system maintenance, new controller firmware files and upcoming features and enhancements.


4.0 Support for Authentic Mercury Controllers

Borealis now supports Authentic Mercury controller types and supporting modules (EP series and LP Series). This includes the following controllers and modules:

EP Controllers and Series 2 Modules:
l EP4502
l EP1502
l EP2500
l EP1501
l MR50 and MR52 (series 2)
l MR16IN and MR16OUT (series 2)
l MR51E (series 2)

LP Controllers and Series 2 Modules:
l LP4502
l LP1502
l LP2500
l LP1501
l MR50 and MR52 (series 3)
l MR16IN and MR16OUT(series 3)
l MR62E (series 3)

The integration with Authentic Mercury controllers also allows you to add OSDP readers to controllers that support OSDP reader types. You can also program I/O functionality to general purpose inputs and outputs and you can assign door functions to inputs and outputs (for example; configuring the door contact and RTE inputs to operate from an MR16IN module or to configure a door strike to operate from an MR16OUT module.


5.0 Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous bug fixes, technical improvements and user interface enhancements.


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