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The benefits of access control

What can access control offer, and how can it benefit you?

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A few reasons access control is important

Many owners of businesses are worried about the liability they hold for their employees within their facilities. It is important to reduce the risks as much as possible, but also protect the growth and assets of their business. Below are a list of the benefits of access control and how they might help you.


Economical & cost savings

Since access control is a building management system it can easily distinguish which areas are occupied or unoccupied and as a result can automatically turn off any unnecessary lighting or heating and air conditioning systems saving money.

Protect tenants and occupants

Access control solutions provide a secure and safe environment that is always welcomed by employees and occupants. It is also possible to integrate security cameras and video surveillance offering a layered approach to security.
Our systems can integrate smart CCTV systems that can record and capture vital events triggered by the access control system with smart analytics, meaning you will never miss an event should you require the evidence.

Reduce theft from employees

Although we hope that employees wouldn’t steal from business and organizations it does happen. Employee theft costs an average of £190m per year in the United Kingdom, with 67% of people admitting they had done so.
While Access control cannot directly and definitely stop this, it is designed to hinder employee theft by denying access to areas they shouldn’t be in. It also can generate an audit trail of where individuals have been to make putting the pieces together easier.

Avoid accidental negligence

How often do we leave a building and wonder if we had locked the door once we get half a mile down the road? Access control can prevent this by locking and unlocking doors to time schedules, giving business owners the peace of mind that their facility is safe and secure regardless.

No need to re-key doors

In the United States keys are one of the most frequently lost items. Luckily, businesses who invest wisely in an access control solution no longer have to face this issue, as access credentials can be revoked and re-added to their systems with ease at a minimal cost. Not only that, it removes the security flaw of losing your keys present, nobody wants unauthorized individuals to access their buildings. Removing the need to re-key doors is one of the main benefits of access control that cause businesses to invest in a security solution. 

Unmonitored access

This may seem an odd one, but it’s important for business owners to monitor activity within their premises. You wouldn’t want your employees to have access whenever they wish as the business owner becomes responsible for them when in their facility.
Unfortunately, un-monitored access can lead to all sorts of frustrating issues.

These are just a handful of the benefits of access control.


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What features can I expect from an Access Control System?

Here are some examples and features that go hand in hand with the benefits of access control:


Roll Call

Print out an occupancy list, and in an emergency, check to identify who is still within the building.

Unattended management

Automatically Lock/Unlock specific areas of your building based on-time schedules, or restrict access to the credential holder at these times only.

Event video recording

Add a camera and then create short recorded video clips when critical events happen such as unauthorized access, or if someone tries to tamper with the system.

Photo recall

The cardholder’s photo appears on the screen for visual authentication when their card is being used.

Parking control

Set an occupancy count to match available parking spaces and prohibit additional entry.

Dual verification

Creates a condition where two or more forms of valid security credentials must be used to gain access. The feature can be on 24-hours per day or can be activated during hours defined by the administrator.

Telephone entry

Telephone Access Entry for Visitor Access Control

Elevator control

Elevator Control, restricted to credential holders with permission, allowing access only to the floors granted.

Local/global linkage

Keri’s Access Control Solutions have no end of possibilities, allowing you to customize macros and automatic responses to live events, available across multiple sites.

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