Tailgating Attacks: How To Protect Yourself

A vulnerable or unsafe work environment is not something anyone would like to be in. The feeling of safety and security at work increases productivity. Many of us are aware of what precautions should be taken when online - such as protecting ourselves from phishing attacks and other cyber threats - but the importance of maintaining physical security should not be overlooked.

What is a Tailgating Attack?

Tailgating attacks are a type of security breach in which an unauthorized user follows an authorized user into a secure area without the proper credentials. The malicious intruder is essentially piggybacking on the legitimate user’s access rights, and this can lead to serious data breaches or physical threats if left unchecked. 

Who’s at risk of a Tailgating Attack?

Anyone who works in an office, factory, or other institutional setting is at risk of being a victim of a tailgating attack. It’s especially common in areas with multiple entrances and exits that need to be secured by access control systems. Common methods used to gain unauthorized entry include following another person through an open door, slipping past an authorized user as they are entering or leaving, and surreptitiously piggybacking on a card reader after an authorized user has already scanned their badge.

How to protect yourself from a Tailgating Attack

To help protect yourself, your employees, and your organization from tailgating attacks, you should implement a few key security measures. Some solutions include: Smart badges and cards, increased employee training, understanding social engineerging, biometric scanners, and video surveillance.

Picture of 2 employees using smart cards to get through security

Smart badges and cards

To ensure secure access and reduce the risk of unauthorized intrusions, it is important to adopt multi-layered security solutions. The use of smart badges or cards that allow only authorized personnel into restricted areas can be a great first step in keeping your business safe across multiple floors. For further protection, consider implementing manned receptions staffed with dedicated security professionals so you have added assurance your premises are kept secure at all times.

Increased employee training

Companies should prioritize educating their employees on the importance of physical security and how to identify potential threats. Establishing a clear-cut policy about who is allowed into secure areas is essential for creating an environment where everyone can feel safe and sound. Providing training that covers best practices, such as not holding open doors for strangers, will help ensure your business remains fully protected from any harm or danger.

Employee Training
Picture of 2 employees using smart cards to get through security

Understanding social engineering

With the threat of cyber and physical attacks on the rise, companies must ensure their employees have received proper education to safeguard against social engineering. Simulated exercises can demonstrate how phishing emails or tailgating attempts work in order to reinforce necessary security protocols. It is paramount that businesses equip workers with knowledge so they are prepared if ever exposed to these types of threats.

Biometric scanners

Biometric scanners offer a superior level of security for employee authentication. These devices utilize cutting-edge technology to scan and compare physical or audible features such as voice, fingerprint scans, iris recognition, facial recognition and heart rate sensors with an approved personnel database. With this enhanced method of verification in place businesses can trust their vital data is kept safe from being accessed by unauthorized sources.

A modern office
Video surveillance

Video surveillance

All entrances to your business can be secured with advanced video surveillance systems utilizing Artificial Intelligence and modern video analytics. This technology will scan the faces of those entering, cross-referencing them against a database full of employee features for added security and peace of mind.

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