Access Control for Industry

Access Control for Industry &  Manufacturing


Streamline the management of facilities, employees, and guests.

Manage multiple sites from a central location, protect property, information, and dangerous equipment by providing access only to individuals that need it.

Over 90,000 Organizations Chose Keri When Security Mattered Most

Ensure Smooth Operation


Roll-call for Emergency Situations

Occupancy reporting so you can see who is still within the building

door open

Integrate with PSIM Systems

Physical security information management integration

circle radiation

Secure Hazardous Environments

Create specific access and entry rules to highly restricted areas

user slash

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Create restricted access groups for teams or hierarchical employees

magnifying glass location

Locate Employee in Facility

Use reporting to identify an employees last known location

Features to help you streamline management

Automate the Management of Your Facility

Keri Systems has developed robust access control systems for manufacturing facilities around the world. Due to the unique challenges presented by industrial and manufacturing facilities, installations use features to optimize security and streamline system management.

Roll-call and reference database

Create a database of employee and visitor access to contribute to a management tool. Roll-call can be used in emergency evacuation scenarios to see who is still in the building.

Timed access

Can be used for external and internal doors. Allows the adminstrator to ensure access to particular spaces can only be granted at certain times and intervals.

Secure hazardous spaces

Use zone control to limit access to hazardous or restricted spaces in your facility. Ensure that only those who require access can enter certain spaces.

Run everything from one software package

Combine perimeter access control, CCTV, PSIM, and auditing into a single and easy to use software package.

Create a ‘man-trap’

Protect restricted or hazardous areas by creating a ‘man-trap’. This is a space containing two separate interlocking doors, whereby the second door will not open until the first is closed and locked.

Locate Employees

View where an employee is situated within your facility by using the last card access function. Allowing you to locate individual employees or visitors within your building with ease.

Dozens of Integrations

Our industry leading software and dozens of integration partners can strengthen your ability to manage all aspects of your building. Letting you intuitively manage installations around the block or around the globe — all from a single location.

Manage and Monitor Your Entire Operation

Manage and monitor events in real time, generate reports, and schedule custom routines. Seamlessly integrate with CCTV video surveillance and visitor management tools to protect your employees, equipment, and intellectual property.

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