Solutions White Paper – The Cost Of An Installed Access Control System Often Exceeds Customer Budgets


A big hurdle for the end user is the cost of an access control system. More potential access control projects are abandoned for budgetary reasons than system manufacturers lose to a competitor.
Additionally, since the downturn in the economy, margins on jobs have also been cut. Installers need every cost advantage they can get to win more jobs and begin to recapture profits.


Although Access control systems are the only truly proactive step a user can take to augment the security in a facility, the cost associated with installing a system and door hardware is expensive enough that many potential buyers ultimately refuse to spend the money. Keri has addressed this cost of ownership problem with a number of software features, architectural improvements and ease of installation aids as compared to traditional systems. More details are provided below.

Controller Cost & Reader Costs

On a per door basis, the cost of our controllers, readers, and software are approximately 12% to 40% less than most other popular brands, some of which have even fewer features.

Cabling Costs

1) Keri’s supervised readers utilize a 4-conductor, shielded cable or shielded CAT5, which ever is cheaper. Other systems using Wiegand interface readers use a 6 or 7 conductor-shielded cable. On average, the 4-conductor cable costs about 36% less.
2) Keri’s embedded IP controllers use unshielded CAT5 cable for networking rather than the more expensive RS-485 or current loop cable recommended by most other manufacturers. Typical RS-485 wire can cost from $.29 to $.38 per foot. Unshielded CAT5 on the other hand typically is priced about $.07 per foot making it at least 75% less expensive.

System Programming Costs

While difficult to quantify programming times, Keri has enhanced its software offering to include a number of auto programming features designed to cut system programming and commissioning time by hours.
1) Keri’s Autoconfig feature eliminates all manual hardware input into the system, saving time and eliminating mistakes and much troubleshooting. When coupled with the optional AutoUSB feature, the software even auto assigns an IP address, thus eliminating the need for any IP knowledge on the part of the installer while the customer gets the befits of an IP-based system.
2) The auto-enroll/program feature cut cardholder enrollment time by hours. Templates can be assigned to types of user groups to automatically enroll card ID information, access information and other relevant cardholder data. Summary The purchase cost/labor advantage provided by Keri’s NXT platform is designed to give the installer the best possible chance of winning a job, which is often the biggest hurdle he faces. Once the job is won, NXT also provides the best opportunity to maximize the installer’s profits.

Needed Equipment
1)Keri – Doors.NET – Access Control Software
2)Keri – USBA – AutoUSB adapter kit
3)Off-the-shelf IP router (if using more than one controller) and CAT5 cables
4)NXT hardware as needed for installation

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