2019 was a very productive year for Keri Systems. It brought rapid developments to our technologies and better synergies within our organization. We are very proud of what we have accomplished this year, and we’re excited to bring you not only our yearly wrap up, but also a few hints as to what’s coming to access control in 2020.

2019 Wrap-Up

Technology-wise, we at Keri have seen the growth of all our major product lines and have appreciated good assimilation of our smaller offerings for lower door-count jobs.  Both Intelliprox Blue and Neutron have performed well this year and provide good entry products for those projects that will maintain a small footprint, and which don’t require high level complexity or integration.  On a grander scale, we have continued to built-out our integration offering with Allegion, to include wireless management for their entire line of door hardware products, making Keri one of only a small group that can interface to everything Allegion produces.  Additionally, Keri has introduced a cloud product that is specifically centered on hosting Allegion’s locks and will build out this hosting model to incorporate a wide spectrum of access offerings.

What’s Coming to Access Control in 2020?

Early in 2020, plan to be greeted with new, attractive 13.56 smart card readers that will be widely compatible in Keri’s line of access products.  These readers will be offered in mullion-mount, wall-switch, and reader/keypad versions. As the market moves away from the traditional 125 kHz prox cards, Keri will be front and center with this 13.56 mHZ offering which have a couple of interesting twists that are sure to please our integrator partners.

2020 sees Keri developing new products to serve all branches of the access control / integrated security marketplace, but specifically our focus will be on our very-soon-to-be-released Cloud Product and continuing Integration with a number of synergistic technologies and manufacturers.  Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel in each technology, but to put all the best wheels together on an exceptional vehicle. We are 100 percent dedicated to integration which, coupled with a new focus on cloud technologies, leaves us with no doubt that Keri will have the products to help our dealers win on every level and our end users find the solutions they need.

Company News

This year we created a new position in the North East US, which is held by Peggy Caruso, a 22-year veteran of Keri’s Rep force. Peggy joined Keri as an official employee and took on our fastest-moving and highest-producing territory.  She has also expanded our efforts into Canada with good success. This is something that was long overdue. Other notable, major changes include saying farewell to John Sedor, who was also a 20+ year veteran of our Rep organization. John decided to retire the Keri line, where he has done an exceptional  job for a very long time. All of this has enabled us to take a fresh look at our territories and our coverage, which will enhance our exposure into underserved regions. At this time we are still working out some logistics in the middle of the country, but have a number of potential plans in play.

From all of us at Keri Systems, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued patronage.  We remain dedicated to providing our dealer partners with the finest, cutting-edge technology and componentry available at the best cost.

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