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ISC West is upon us again, and this year it is coming a full month sooner.  That means Keri has to be faster “out of the gate” than ever before. We have new and previously unannounced products that we will be exhibiting at this year’s show; products that prove once again Keri’s dedication to the future of Integrated Security.

New Products and Technology

This year Keri will be displaying a brand new line of 13.56 MHz Smart Card Readers.  These readers will come in the three standard varieties of: mullion, wall switch, and keypad + reader versions.  The style is new and contemporary, providing a look that will draw praise on any wall. They are designed to work with Keri’s NXT family of controllers and support MIFARE® ISO 14443A (Type A) NFC credentials. Remember, readers are part of an access control system that are not only visible, but strategically placed in the public’s eye. Keri’s new readers are not only functional but extremely attractive.

Moving forward, let’s address the trend toward Cloud Technology and SaaS (subscription based) security service models.  Once again, Keri is leading the way with three new platforms that are in the midst of deployment. Keri is introducing Aetheros®, our Cloud hosting platform, which serves as the engine for Borealis® and Confluence®Borealis is Keri’s new subscription-based, cloud-driven, access control system for individual or multiple sites.  It requires no dedicated PC, no software, and is mobile friendly. Confluence® is a specialized service dedicated to the management of Allegion Wireless Locks.  It will speak to Allegion’s IP Gateway and is compatible with NDE, LE, Control and No Tour models, integrating them with Keri’s Doors.NET software. Come to our booth and you will be able to see a working display of Keri’s new Cloud offering in both versions; Borealis® for Keri controlled facility and Confluence® managing an Allegion IP Gateway: all driven by Keri’s cloud service, Aetheros®.

Multi-Family, Mixed-Use Facilities

If part of your client base are Multi-Family operators, Keri is a must see.  We’ve solved one the biggest problem Multi-Family market faces by unifying hardwired, online and offline wireless Access Control as well as Telephone Entry or Video Intercom into Visual Doors, the first fully integrated Multi-Family software package on the market.  It’s easy for admin staff to use and has a training portal relieving the installer of the inscessent, “please come train my new person” calls.

Partnerships and Integrations

Throughout 2019, we at Keri continued to develop and build upon strategic Partnerships in this industry.  We’ve learned that conventional wisdoms of the past are no longer relevant in today’s progressive security technologies. The Access Control Goliaths will be replaced by companies that are lighter on their feet and better able to integrate with industry counterparts. To this end, Keri has invested an enormous amount of time and effort into building a strong working relationship with Allegion, and now is able to provide a comprehensive head-end solution to every lock Allegion builds.  Additionally, Keri integrates with Comelit to provide integrated solutions to their fine door entry and video intercom units. Users can manage an integrated assembly of Allegion, Comelit and Keri Access control as one system.

In addition to Allegion and Comelit, Keri has highly functional integrations with Milestone’s X-Protect Video Management System and Savance’s Visitor management System/Software.  Finally, let’s not forget the fact that Keri has a exclusive agreement with the LOT Group to distribute their exceptional line of luxury turnstiles in North America. 


In short, Keri has all the bases covered.  In numbers and in partners, Keri expects to grow exponentially going forward.


Keri now integrates with 12 hardware platforms and as a company is capable of providing an entire ecosystem of integrated protection to any facility.  Under a single software platform, Keri is able to manage: Access Control, Video, Telephone Entry, Dynamic mapping and graphics, Elevator control, Pedestrian Turnstiles, Biometrics, Intercom and Wireless Lock technologies.  Enterprise installations are now capable of controlling entire municipalities, with multi-facility lock-down, notification, and active shooter management. In short, there is little to nothing in the integrated access control arena, that can’t be managed by a Keri installation.  Our largest system to date now runs over 13K portals of various types while our largest hybrid system of wired and wireless locking products is quickly approaching 2K doors under control.


What else will you find? Come see us at Booth 23109

What else will you see at Keri’s booth?  You’ll see Keri controllers integrated to nearly every type of reader imaginable.  We will be connected to: Keri Prox, Standard Wiegand, Farpointe Conekt (contactless mobile credential) readers, Biometric fingerprint, SmartCard and Allegion wireless locks.  You will also see Keri’s software totally integrated with Mercury Security’s full range of new controllers and several software packages, with graphics, mapping and video integration.

We are located near the center of the show, along a main aisle and will be well-staffed by one of the most seasoned sales groups in the industry.  We promise to greet you with a smile and welcome you into our world. I doubt there is anything that this group can’t answer!

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