Keri Systems Announces Support for Legacy PXL-500 Tiger Controllers on Borealis


We are committed to ensuring our solutions remain some of the longest-serving in the industry! Therefore we have added support for our Legacy PXL Controllers on Borealis, our revolutionary true-cloud solution.

  • PXL Support Makes it Easy for Customers to Manage their Access Control solution on the cloud
  • Take advantage of new features, instant updates, and a cloud solution’s added security and redundancy.
  • Legacy Customers Can Refresh and Receive New Features, Plus All the Benefits of the Cloud


PXL Controller Support


Keri Systems, a leading provider of cloud-based access control solutions, today announced support for the PXL-500 controller on Borealis. This new support makes it easy for customers to manage their access control devices from the cloud.

With PXL-500 support on Borealis, customers can:

  • View and manage access control events from anywhere in the world
  • Manage buildings and facilities with powerful true cloud access control
  • Utilize our browser-based Borealis access control solution
  • Know that your data is always secure and backed up in the event of an emergency
  • Create and manage user groups and permissions
  • Receive alerts about unauthorized access attempts
  • Refresh their legacy PXL-500 controllers and receive new features without the need for manual software updates
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, security, and ease of maintenance.
  • Remove costs of expensive servers and dedicated computers
  • Mitigate the security risks of older discontinued Windows operating systems
  • Remain at the forefront of access control technology

Access Control & Integrated Solutions

“We are excited to announce support for the PXL-500 controller on Borealis,” said Ken Geiszler, CEO of Keri Systems. “This new support makes it even easier for our customers to manage their access control devices from the cloud. With Borealis, customers can easily and securely control access to their facilities, regardless of location. We are also pleased to offer this new support to our legacy customers, who can now prolong the lifespan of their solution and receive all the latest features and benefits, just another reason Keri continues to lead the way for cost effective solutions that truly last”

We’ve also made it easy for people to move their existing configurations to the cloud with our ‘White Glove Conversion Program.’ This program includes a dedicated team of experts to help customers with issues. The White Glove Conversion program will migrate an existing Doors.NET Database to Borealis without any manual intervention from you. We can help you increase your revenue streams without the need to be on-site & there’s no extra programming required.

We understand that many of our integration partners may not have the technical staff to handle a conversion, so we have introduced an optional “White Glove” conversion program where Keri’s conversion team handles the complete migration. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support, and we believe that our White Glove conversion program will provide our customers with the best possible experience whilst saving them time and money. 

With our help, you know your cloud migration will be completed quickly and effectively. Our experts can also help you make the most of the Borealis platform and its powerful capabilities.

With our White Glove program, you can remotely access and manage your sites from a single login. This means you don’t have to worry about hiring staff for multiple service calls or taking the time to travel between each site yourself physically. We will assign you a Borealis conversion specialist to manage the entire conversion process from start to finish.

The process is easy; in fact, it can be done in three simple steps.


1) Register an Organization: Simply create your Integrator organization within the Borealis portal. This acts as your gateway for managing your customers’ installations.

2) Provide access to your existing database: Keri Systems White Glove Specialist will retrieve your database and test it for conversion compatibility.

3) Let us handle it: Keri will take care of the rest! Including converting the data, uploading it to Borealis, and pointing the hardware to the new Borealis installation.

Move your PXL Solution to Borealis


About Keri Systems

Businesses of all sizes use Keri Systems’ cloud-based access control solutions to secure their facilities and protect their assets. 

As a dynamic access control provider, Keri Systems offers comprehensive solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes, whether they prefer cloud-based or on-premise systems. With an impressive track record spanning over 30 years, Keri Systems has established itself as a trusted name in the access control industry.


PXL Controller Support

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