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Companies Choose Keri When Security Matters Most

Can I buy access control as a kit ?

Cutting corners with your access control has costly repercussions. At Keri Systems, we do things differently. We offer bespoke security solutions that are unique to each business, ensuring individual requirements are met and full technological integration. We want to ensure you never have to worry about your security and access management again. Our clients receive help throughout the installation, implementation, and training processes to make sure your system is the best it can be.

Can Keri Systems help me buy access control?

Keri Systems prides itself on customer service and client relations. Our experts are always happy to help and will ensure your project is everything you want it to be. We cater for a wide range of security systems, everything from a single door stand-alone, to large, intricate enterprise systems, and now the cloud too!

Where can I buy access control?

Access control and security solutions hardware is available directly from Keri Systems, or you can visit one of our global distribution outlets to find a wide range of access control hardware available off the shelf. This is perfect if you need to add to your existing access control solution in a hurry. In this case, a Keri installer should be contacted to carry out your additions.

Carpark barrier secured with Keri Systems access control

What steps do I take to buy access control?

Whether you are an installer or business, you are welcome to give us a call. There are specific steps to take depending on who you are.

I'm an End-User

Design your perfect solution, with an access control expert by your side every step of the way, with no obligations.

Plan your solution

Become a Dealer/Installer

Are you looking to partner with a manufacturer to supply or install world-class access control and security solutions

Become a Partner
Keri Extensive Warranties

Reliability Assured

We stand by our engineering and craftsmanship and are so confident of reliability that we back our products with extensive industry-leading warranties.

Borealis cloud based access control in use

Who buy access control?

Access control products are considered “Life-Safety” systems and as such, must be installed by licensed and experienced technicians. Incorrect installation can cause loss of life or property, and therefore, Keri Systems sells only to companies with appropriate licensing and experience.

If you are interested in increasing your return on investment, or growing your access control business, partnering with Keri is a wise choice. Keri Systems is a pioneer of the access control industry with over 30 years of experience. With our world-class support and reliable best-in-class products, we are always here to help.

Keri Systems are keen to hear about any projects or questions from both end-users and installers alike. Keri Systems, as an access control and security solutions provider, is more than happy to work alongside you during the design stage, or when bidding on projects competitively.

Keri Systems will help to answer any questions regarding your access control solution by assigning you an expert in the industry as a primary point of contact. We will work with you from start to finish in order to bring about the most cost-effective solution to meet or exceed your access control & security requirements.

How to Evaluate an Access Control Partner

We understand that choosing and integrating an automated security system takes time and has a significant upfront cost. While most access control systems pay themselves off in a few years — it’s important to keep a few metrics in mind when choosing a partner.

Are They Reliable?

How long has the access control company been in business? Will they be around to support and maintain your installation in 10 years?

Who are they responsible to?

Is the companies primary motive to increase corporate earnings and shareholder value? Or are they in business to serve their customers needs?

Can the Solution Scale?

Do the hardware and software have the capacity to scale as your business grows, and adapt to the changing needs of your business?

Can You Add Features?

Will the security system integrate with products like video surveillance, wireless locks, elevator control, or the next security innovation?

What separates Keri from other access control manufacturers?

30 Years’ experience within the ‘access control‘ industry!

We have 30 years of experience and are one of the only family-owned access control companies in the industry, so we really appreciate our customer relationships and answer to you, not shareholders. Our ethos continues to be: we succeed when you do.

Unfortunately, access control companies come and go, with businesses based on big investors that can back out at any point, meaning your security and warranties go with them. We are in this for the long haul and demonstrate this through backing ourselves with our own money.

We’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

Keri continues to grow in profits through our independence, rather than a reliance on maintaining a stock market price. This allows us to put our customers first and vow to be there with you every step of the way to offer you our world-leading and ongoing support.

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The Keri Systems Promise

30+ Years in the inudstry


As one of the largest independent Access Control OEMs in the world, our focus is always on you, the customer, unlike many corporate providers whose primary motive is to maximize their stock price.

We will proudly pitch our 30-year track record of outstanding products and service against any other Access Control provider.

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