What are keyless door entry systems and how can they help you?

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Geokey is a mobile access control software that allows users to open doors, gates, elevators, padlocks right from their phone. By using your location services and logging into the app, users can easily get into their facilities seamlessly without a key or fob.

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Combining Borealis and SwitchTech allows you to smoothly integrate wireless locking capabilities into a comprehensive access control system. Experience seamless integration and complete functionality.

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What are keyless door entry systems?

Keyless door entry systems are an innovative and secure way to access buildings, homes, offices, or other spaces. These systems offer a convenient alternative to traditional key-based locks as they allow users to unlock doors without needing physical keys.

A well-installed commercial keyless door entry system allows you to provide secure access control without the use of physical keys. It allows you to configure user-specific access rights, giving your staff or customers quick and easy access to a building or certain areas within it. You can manage who has access to what part of your premises at any given time, enabling you to keep track of who is entering and leaving and when. 

How do keyless door entry systems work?

Electronic powered locks and card readers are utilized in business settings for keyless entry systems, enabling the locking and unlocking of doors without the need for keys. Employees and visitors can gain access to an area through various authentication methods, which are verified by the access control system. Once an individual enters, the door automatically locks behind them, and subsequent entry is only permitted when another person presents the appropriate credentials.

Here are some signs your business needs a new or upgraded keyless entry system…

  1. You spend too much time managing your buildings’ security.
  2. The presence of lost or copied keys has posed a security risk to your building.
  3. You can’t keep an eye on who is coming and going from your building, wherever you are.
  4. You don’t have remote access to your system.
  5. You can’t add or remove users remotely using cloud key management.
  6. You can’t administrate your building’s security by giving multiple users logins and permissions.

Our range of keyless door entry systems feature:

The benefits of keyless entry systems for offices and commercial buildings

Enhanced Safety: Keyless entry systems eliminate the need for physical keys that can be misplaced or left in vulnerable locations. Without physical keys to worry about, people can access their office or building quickly without worrying about lost or stolen keys.

Enhanced Security: Keyless entry systems provide enhanced levels of security compared to traditional locks and keys. They allow administrators to control which doors can be accessed by certain individuals with the use of unique codes or credentials. This reduces the risk of unauthorized personnel accessing restricted areas, as well as preventing any lost or stolen keys from being copied and used to gain access.

Peace of mind: With keyless entry systems, you can rest assured that your office or building is secure and protected from unauthorized access. This provides peace of mind for the people who frequent the premises.

Hygiene: Keyless entry systems do away with physical keys, eliminating any potential hygiene risks posed by sharing physical keys between individuals. This is particularly important in a commercial space where there are many people coming in and out of the building.

Convenience: Keyless entry systems offer increased convenience. They provide staff with quick and easy access to buildings without the need to carry around a physical set of keys. Additionally, programs such as automatic locking and unlocking can be set up to provide an extra layer of convenience and security.

Cost savings: Installing a keyless door entry system can be a great way to save costs for businesses. This type of system removes the need for physical keys, meaning you no longer need to have locks changed or worry about lost keys – decreasing labor and maintenance fees associated with traditional lock systems.  

Allows temporary access: They are a great choice for businesses with multiple points of access and busy premises, as they can be programmed to grant access only during certain times or days. 

How can Keri Systems help you?

Keri Systems offers a comprehensive line of keyless door entry systems designed to provide maximum security and convenience for businesses in many different industries. 

Our products are ideal for: