How To Prevent Unauthorized Access

Ensuring your building is not susceptible to unauthorized access should be an essential part of protecting everyone that comes and goes. Without proper security measures in place, you open the door for theft, disruptive behavior, and even potential accidents which could cause harm - both inside your facility or impacting visitors from outside.

What is Unauthorized Access and why is it important to prevent it?

Unauthorized access is a risk posed to organizations from both inside and out. An unwelcome stranger accessing restricted areas of the building, or an unscrupulous staff member entering secure facilities without permission are just two potential scenarios that businesses need to guard against. The most common ways in physical security breaches occur are:

  1. Tailgating (following an authorized person through a security door or gate)
  2. Using stolen or lost keys
  3. Using security passes
  4. Entering through an unlocked door
  5. Persuading an authorized person inside the business to grant access

Access control systems

Access control systems are the ultimate security solution when it comes to keeping your premises safe, deterring theft and break-ins. The most effective ACS will incorporate a variety of features, including keypads, card readers (including fingerprint or biometric), electromagnetic locks and much more — all offering 24/7 protection even in unmanned locations.

But how can we help? A Keri Access Control System is a proactive method of security, meaning that, rather than working reactively to events such as break-ins, Keri solutions are programmed to work proactively, preventing such events before they happen. Our systems give you customization of what times the doors are accessible and by which individual. You can assign cards into access groups to ensure only those who need access can unlock doors and move through. Keri offers complete control over your access control system down to individual doors and times. Once our access control security system is installed, it will run quietly in the background of your day-to-day operation.

Real time visitor management systems

A visitor management system (VMS) offers facilities an added layer of security and convenience. Through integrated biometric scanners, smartphone QR access codes, kiosks or turnstile systems – a VMS can easily confirm the identity of all office visitors quickly and accurately. When combined with other access control systems for seamless record-keeping every time someone enters or exits your premises you will gain valuable insights into headcounts, sign-in trends and average space utilization as well as being able to blacklist undesirable guests from entering your facility in future.

Clear signage on display

To ensure personnel safety and compliance, businesses should strategically place clear signage notifying staff of restricted zones. For instance, a “Licensed Professionals Only” sign serves to alert employees regarding the risks associated with entering an off-limits area. Without this protection from hazardous conditions or activities, companies may find themselves facing serious ethical and financial repercussions if someone is injured in those areas due to lack of warning signs.

Using CCTV

CCTV is an essential component for protection of your premises, especially when access to personnel is limited at night. Installing cameras at strategic entry points such as doors and elevators will maximize the deterrent effect while minimizing expenditure. Careful consideration should be given to camera placement in order not to overwhelm security staff who must monitor their output. CCTV can also provide invaluable analysis tools if unauthorized access were to occur – preserving important evidence which may otherwise remain unseen.

Keri Systems can help you protect your tenants and property with managed access. Our security systems enable you to easily manage credentials, set up door alarms, manage your private elevators, and monitor your facilities with CCTV. Timed access can be used for external and internal doors. It allows the administrator to ensure access to particular spaces can only be granted at certain times and intervals.


Take a defensive stance against Unauthorized Access

Keri Systems have a range of products to offer, both local/on-site installations and cloud-based solutions. This means we can offer our customers a solution that covers multiple requirements when planning an integrated access control solution. Our product line is not only comprehensive, but also cost-effective and completely scalable, catering from one door to enterprise levels of installation.


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