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Why upgrade to OSDP?

Enhanced security for access control


Why upgrade to OSDP?

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) was developed by the Security Industry Association and has now been adopted as a standard by many manufacturers in the access control industry. OSDP was developed to improve interoperability and functionality, enhance security, and address issues encountered by other legacy systems.

The OSDP standard offers the following advantages over common legacy protocols:

Enhanced security

Prevent ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks with AES-128 encryption that continuously monitors wiring, ensuring that the system is protected against threats. Predefined encryption and authentication processes mean that the guesswork is removed, removing labor costs significantly.

Bi-directional communication

OSDP offers two-way communication between the reader and the controller. As a result, a controller will be able to transmit the information as well as receive it, improving operational efficiency. OSDP also enables remote configuration and management of readers.


Being an open standard, OSDP provides freedom to users by allowing them to choose different manufacturers for different elements of their security solution and, in turn, future-proofing their systems.


By using audio and visual feedback and configurable display text alerts, OSDP can provide cardholders with a more intuitive and user-centric experience. 

Other Advantages

  • Reader to panel cables can run close to 4,000 feet compared to Wiegand’s maximum of 500 feet.
  • The OSDP uses 2 wires instead of 12+, which facilitates multi-drop installation, supervised connections to alert of reader errors, and scalability for a larger number of field devices.
  • OSDP complies with all federal access control requirements and is therefore recommended for use by government or other high-security environments.

How to Evaluate an Access Control Partner

We understand that choosing and integrating an automated security system takes time and has a significant upfront cost. While most access control systems pay for themselves in a few years, it's important to keep a few questions in mind when choosing a partner.

Are they reliable?

How long has the access control company been in business? Will they be around to support and maintain your installation in 10 years?

Who do they answer to?

Is the company's primary motive to increase corporate earnings and shareholder value? Or are they in business to serve their customers needs?

Can the solution scale?

Do the hardware and software have the capacity to scale as your business grows? Can it adapt to the changing needs of your business?

Can you add features?

Will the security system integrate with products like video surveillance, wireless locks, elevator control, or the next security innovation?

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