Monthly Borealis Release: November 2023

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Borealis, rolling out this November with a host of new features and enhancements aimed at making your access control system even more powerful and user-friendly. Let’s dive into the details of what’s new in this release:


Changes to the Reader Control Menu

To streamline and simplify reader control options, command buttons have been replaced with drop-down menus for reader mode control, auto-unlock suspend and restore, and reader masking functions. This update also enhances ease-of-use, especially when administering the system via mobile devices.


Screenshot 2023 11 13 102307


Improvements to the Cardholder and Credential Enrollment Workflow

The cardholder and credential enrollment workflow has undergone a significant overhaul. Introducing an enrollment wizard, users can now perform cardholder and credential enrollment through sequential steps. Additionally, assigning access rights can be seamlessly done using the new enrollment wizard.


Screenshot 2023 11 13 102738


Enabled 2-Factor Authentication Using Third-Party Apps

Borealis now supports 2-factor authentication using third-party authentication apps, such as Google Authenticator, providing users with an additional layer of security beyond email or SMS codes.


Increased Credential Count to 50,000, per System

We’ve raised the maximum number of credentials per system from 10,000 to an impressive 50,000. While the limit remains at 10,000 credentials per hub and controller (for PXL, NXT, and MSC controller types), this expansion offers greater flexibility for large-scale access management.


Support for OSDP Readers

Borealis now allows you to add a single OSDP reader to each bus of any controller type that supports OSDP readers – (including NXT-MSC controllers). The ability to add multiple OSDP readers to each bus will be implemented in a future release along with the ability to define custom behaviors for the OSDP reader’s LED and beeper.


NXT-MSC Controller Internal Configuration

In this release, we’ve implemented the ability to access and edit the NXT-MSC controller configuration directly through the controller’s Action menu. This streamlines the process of making internal configuration changes without relying on a web browser.


Screenshot 2023 11 13 103044

NXT-MSC Controller Ports

In addition, the October Borealis release empowers users to configure NXT-MSC controller ports to support the connection of Mercury MR16IN and MR16OUT modules. These modules enable various input and output link actions, enhancing the controller’s versatility. Please note that when an NXT-MSC controller port is configured to support True Mercury MR16 modules, other device types cannot be used simultaneously.


Masking/Unmasking of Door-Forced and Door-Held Events

For controllers supporting the masking and unmasking of door-held and door-forced events, Borealis now offers a streamlined solution. Easily manage these events directly from the reader’s screen by selecting a reader and utilizing the masking drop-down menu. Note that this feature is not supported with PXL controller types.


The November 2023 release of Borealis is a major update that provides a number of enhancements to the system’s capabilities and usability.


To read our full release notes:

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