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As Covid-19 Continues to rock the world, Keri systems is dedicated to helping our customers overcome the challenges by assisting with government guidelines and access management so you can return to business safely and as easily as possible.

Integrate Zone control movement patterns, thermal checks and mask detection on entry, or the implementation of contactless entry and exit. 

How can I make my business covid secure?

Keri Systems access control solutions

Reinforce occupancy limits per area or zone, thermal checks, and mask detection to automatically ensure visitors comply with COVID-19 restrictions and respond rapidly in the event of an emergency using the emergency situation manager.

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Reduce Contact

Implement contactless entry and exit buttons, to reduce the risk of virus transmission

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Area Occupancy Control

Control occupancy limits to designated areas to reinforce social distancing guidelines

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Mask Detection

Automatically restrict access to individuals who are not wearing a face covering

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Thermal Scanning

Implement thermal scanning criteria prior to granting access to your facility.

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How we can help you to achieve a Covid-safe work environment?

Keri Systems is a family-owned access control manufacturer with over 30 years experience of in securing all kinds of businesses with the very latest in security technology. From multi-enterprise office buildings to stand-alone one-door security solutions, we specialize in creating unique, access control solutions to meet your specific goals and needs and assist in the management of your employees and occupants.

Keri Systems has a long-standing tradition of producing feature-rich hardware and software to ensure safety in the workplace. Below are just some features of a Keri Systems solution that can help stop the spread of Coronavirus in your facility:




Thermal Scanning

Integrate thermal scanning at your entry points, allowing you to take the temperature, and check for a face covering or mask of occupants before granting access to the building, for those who register a high temperature or are not detected wearing a mask there are stored procedures which you can pre-configure.

Facial recognition capabilities are available in some models, to enable a real contact-free entry method.




Occupancy Counting

Using Doors.NET You can restrict the number of people allowed in a room, or building at any given time, configure an access control solution to manage occupancy limits and restrict access whilst the occupancy limits of that room are met.

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Anti Passback

Create rules to prevent credentials from being passed back and used by another person. Doors.NET can automatically prevent the second consecutive use of a credential if the primary cardholder has already gained access.


Contactless Entry/Exit

Our Access control solution has the ability to implement contactless exit and entry points, reducing the contact required within your building.

Access Control readers use a card/fob to gain access, meaning that the only point of contact could be the individual and their credential, with high read ranges on our readers you don’t need to make contact with the actual reader to grant access – implement automatic door openers and you have a contactless entry/exit solution




Access Rights

Adjust access rights easily to assist with covid secure guidelines, ensuring access to permitted individuals only. Ensure only those who Need to be within your building can gain access – create a dedicated access group and easily modify who can access the building and when

Contact tracing & area reporting

Using reporting and auditing capabilities, create reports of who has entered your facility, when they entered, how long they were there, and what areas they accessed.


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