The Pros of IP Access Control Controllers

In today’s fast-paced world, security is paramount

This comprehensive guide delves into the world of IP Access Control Controllers, focusing on Keri Systems NXT-MSC 2 and 4 door controllers. We’ll explore how these controllers simplify installation, operate on existing networks, and save you valuable time and labor. Let’s dive in!

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Installing with Ease

One of the standout advantages of Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers is the simplicity of installation. These controllers are designed to be user-friendly for any physical access control dealer. Here’s how they make it easy:

Plug and Play Technology

Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers are equipped with plug-and-play technology. This means that you can connect them to your network without the need for complex configurations. It’s as simple as plugging them in, scanning the local network for them, and importing them, and then they are ready to use. There is no need for extensive setup procedures, making it a breeze.

User-Friendly Interface

The controller’s configuration is easy; as long as you have Doors.NET installed, you can import your controller and manage the configuration and features from the intuitive user interface.

With clear instructions and user-friendly software, you can configure the system effortlessly. This ease of use is a huge advantage, especially for those who want a hassle-free and quick installation process. We understand that nobody wants an installation to take longer than expected because of the endeavor costs.

Running on Your Network

One of the remarkable features of Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers is their ability to run on your existing network. Let’s explore why this is a game-changer:

Seamless Integration: These controllers seamlessly integrate with your current network infrastructure. Most facilities already have a local network in place, and with Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers, you can capitalize on this. There’s no need for costly infrastructure changes or the installation of a separate network, although we would typically recommend this. It’s a very practical and cost-effective solution, allowing you a flexible installation and reducing labor costs if that’s the difference to winning a project.

Efficient newtwork utilization: By utilizing your existing network, Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers optimize your resources. And they create minimal or even close to no additional network traffic, which is essential for maintaining network efficiency. This not only saves time but also doesn’t add any strain on the existing network infrastructure.

Saving Time and Labor

Time is money, and labor costs can quickly add up. Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers are engineered to save you both. Let’s see how:

Quick Installation

As previously mentioned, the straightforward installation process means you can set up your access control system in no time. This is a significant advantage, particularly for businesses where every minute counts.

Easy Configuration

Configuring the controllers is a breeze, thanks to their one-button auto-configuration; it really is as simple as plugging your controller in with a network cable (RJ45) and scanning for the controller from your Doors.NET installation on the same network – Once your controller is found, you click the import button, and it automatically adds your controller to your system, ready for configuration.

NXT-MSC IP Access Control Controllers

Keri’s NXT-MSC controllers work on both Doors.NET and Borealis platforms. Whichever platform you choose to use, you will find the controller setup extremely easy and intuitive. Keri’s NXT-MSC controllers offer a variety of standard and advanced access control features, including:

• On Board TCP/IP Connectivity
• Both 2-door and 4-door versions available
• OSDP reader support
• I/O expandable using 4×4 modules
• Provides more functionality and more features than standard NXT controllers
• Doubles controller capacity with NXT readers when in/out reading is required
• Advanced local linkage allows design of sophisticated I/O linkage macros
• Provides advanced elevator control with floor-select reporting
• Allows for area control, anti-passback, and occupancy
• Temporary cards by use count, supervisor cards, man-trap, and 2-man rule
• Support for Assa Abloy Aperio and Allegion AD Series Wireless Locks
• Credential types “format builder” to handle any wiegand format


NXT 4 Door MSC Controller

  • 4 Door variant.
  • Supports OSDP
  • Entry/exit readers on the same bus.
  • Up to 8 readers – 4 entry, 4 exit.
  • Ethernet-based for peer to peer communication and to host.
  • Multiple 485 networks for comm to expansion boards and readers.
  • Embedded MAC address for easy discovery.
  • 1 button auto configuration.
  • Flash updatable.


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NXT 2 Door MSC Controller

  • 2 Door variant.
  • Supports OSDP
  • Entry/exit Readers on the same bus.
  • Up to 4 Readers – 2 entry, 2 exit.
  • Ethernet-based for peer to peer communication and to host.
  • Multiple 485 networks for comm. to expansion boards and readers.
  • Embedded MAC address for easy discovery.
  • True 1 button auto configuration.
  • Flash updatable.


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Q: Do I need a technical background to install Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers?

A: Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers are designed to be user-friendly and can be installed by any access control professional, regardless of their existing knowledge.

Q: Will Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers work with my existing network?

A: Yes, they are designed to seamlessly integrate with your current network infrastructure, saving you the hassle of additional installations.

Q: Can I configure the controllers myself, or do I need to hire a technician?

A: You can easily configure the controllers yourself. Their user-friendly interface allows for hassle-free setup and adjustments.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with running these controllers on an existing network?

A: No, running Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers on your existing network won’t incur any additional costs. They are efficient and won’t strain your network.

Q: How do these controllers enhance security?

A: By simplifying installation and configuration, Keri Systems NXT-MSC controllers ensure that your access control system is up and running quickly, enhancing the overall security of your premises.

Q: Are there any long-term maintenance requirements for these controllers?

A: These controllers are designed for durability and require minimal maintenance, resulting in long-term cost savings.


If you are interested in Keri’s NXT-MSC controllers, click here to speak with one of our Access Control experts.